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Mercury-Free Fillings – Franklin, TN

Beautiful & Biocompatible Cavity Repair

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According to one estimate, around 90% of adults age 20 and older have developed at least one dental cavity in their lifetime. In the past, this common problem was treated with silver amalgam fillings, which were composed of up to 50% mercury, a material that is known to be toxic. Today, though, a better option is available. Here at Paige Prather Smiles, we proudly offer mercury-free fillings for beautiful and biocompatible cavity repair. Read on below to learn more about this restorative holistic treatment.

What Are Mercury-Free Fillings?

Illustration showing mercury-free dental fillings

Mercury-free fillings are sometimes called composite resin fillings, composite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings. Rather than being made out of a mixture of mercury and other metals, these fillings are made out of mixture of biocompatible materials, such as tiny glass particles and silica. The material is the same that is commonly used for dental bonding, a procedure that can repair chipped teeth and hide other cosmetic imperfections.

The Benefits of Mercury-Free Fillings

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Some of the most outstanding benefits of mercury-free fillings include:

How Mercury-Free Fillings Can Affect Your Overall Well-Being

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For health-conscious individuals, the biggest draw of mercury-free fillings is that they are much better for overall wellness than their old-fashioned metal counterparts.

Mercury is a highly toxic material, and people who have multiple amalgam fillings are more likely to experience a range of neurological symptoms, including headaches, migraines, tremors, shakiness, behavioral disorders, and more.

Composite fillings, on the other hand, are widely regarded as being biocompatible (safe and effective for use within the human body).

The Process of Getting Mercury-Free Fillings

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If you have old mercury fillings, Dr. Prather can safely remove them before replacing them with a metal-free restoration. If you have a new cavity that requires a filling, the treatment process will go something like this:

From beginning to end, the entire process usually takes less than one hour.