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Many of our patients interested in brightening smiles have tried it all before coming to our office: whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes, strips, and gels. All of these products line the shelves at your local pharmacy, but studies reveal they have little or no effect on the appearance of your smile. At Paige Prather Smiles, we will work with you to create a personalized, professional teeth whitening plan that will deliver smiles up to ten shades brighter. We’re able to customize your application trays, the dosage of active whitening agents, and wear times to deliver the brilliantly white smile you’ve been looking for.


One of the most popular and simplest cosmetic dentistry solutions we offer, porcelain veneers allow us to conceal a number of cosmetic flaws with one fast solution. Veneers are sheaths of porcelain custom crafted to fit over the front facing surfaces of teeth effectively covering chips and cracks, concealing stains that aren’t responsive to more conservative teeth whitening, and filling in uneven gaps between teeth. The procedure is simple and completed over two appointments. During your first visit, we’ll remove a small amount of dental structure to let the veneer lay flat within in the smile line. Then, we’ll capture bite impressions that will be used by the lab to construct your veneers. Before you leave, we place a temporary veneer to protect your teeth. When we receive the custom veneers from the lab, you can return to our office to exchange the temporary for a custom veneer. Depending on the situation we can sometimes make your permanent veneers on our Cerec machine and you can leave with your new smile that day!

Porcelain Veneers – Before & After


Possibly the most popular alternative orthodontic solution available, Invisalign allows Dr. Paige Prather to gently shift your teeth into their ideal alignment using a series of clear, plastic alignment trays. These custom crafted aligners each represents one step closer to your desired smile alignment. When worn for about two weeks, pressure from the alignment trays shifts teeth into this new position. Over the course of about twelve months of treatment, patients are able to realign their smile, and unlike other cosmetic orthodontic solutions, Invisalign is effective in treating advanced alignment issues like over, under, and crossbite. Best of all, your daily life will only be minimally impacted. Very few, if any, people will ever notice you’re wearing the aligners, and you can remove them during meals and while cleaning your teeth for complete comfort.


Using brackets and wires very similar to traditional braces that are clear and tooth colored, Six Month Smiles is able to shift teeth quickly because it only moves those teeth that are immediately visible within the smile line. Because the materials are either clear or tooth-colored, Six Month Smiles is much less noticeable than traditional metal brackets and wires. Dr. Prather has advanced training to complete successful Six Month Smiles treatments for her patients, and if we determine this is the right option for you, she’ll create a custom treatment plan that will be complete in just three to eight months.


It may seem like it should be easy to tell the difference between restorative and cosmetic dentistry, but the lines are often blurred. Dr. Prather doesn’t just want to repair damage she wants to fully restore your smile and that includes the appearance. All-ceramic crowns are restorative dentistry services that may double as cosmetic enhancements. When this natural looking material is used to repair damage or decay, you may even forget which tooth was treated. Additionally, we can use all-ceramic restorations to conceal purely cosmetic concerns like misshapen teeth. For those patients with allergies or sensitivities to metal, all-ceramic restorations offer a completely safe and effective solution.


Do you ever think your smile looks “gummy” or that your teeth look “stubby?” You may think you need to change the way your teeth look to improve your appearance, but actually, this may not be the case. The concern you’re feeling about the way your teeth look may have more to do with your gums. Evenly proportioned gum lines make your smile appear straight and beautiful, If you have too much gum tissue or your gum line covers more of some teeth than others, your smile can look crooked or gummy. That’s where laser gum recontouring comes into play. These advanced procedures reshape your gum line leaving you with a flawless smile. Best of all, the laser makes this procedure comfortable and significantly decreases healing time.


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