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Palate Expansion for Improved Oral Health

Many oral health problems can be fixed with orthodontics in Franklin, TN.  One issue that can be corrected is a narrow or improperly sized palate which is the mouth roof. This issue can cause tooth decay, a bad bite, crowded teeth, and alignment issues. Thankfully, Dr. Paige Prather of Paige Prather Smiles can help with palate expansion.

How Palate Expansion Helps Your Children

Narrow palates affect children as they age and can become a worse problem if the problem isn't fixed before the jaw fully develops. At that point, surgery is the only option. Thankfully, palate expansion helps manage this problem for children before surgery is necessary. In addition, it is a less invasive procedure than surgery.

This process uses a series of orthodontic devices to help slowly expand the palate of the mouth. In a sense, they are like braces for your palate as they develop the mouth over time and without causing undue pressure on a child's mouth. Timing is everything with this treatment, as the sooner you get your child started, the better. We provide orthodontics for Franklin, TN, children.

Options for Expansion Devices

Advanced Light Force or ALF is a unique device that helps support proper tongue function and improve neurologic development. Often, this option is best for children with sensory issues who may have a hard time tolerating other types of systems. It fits comfortably in the mouth and provides the careful palate expansion that your child needs to be healthy.

We also utilize the Myobrace System, an advanced option that has become an industry standard for orthodontic adjustments. It uses a series of removable devices that must be worn 1-2 hours while your child is awake and overnight while they're asleep. We don't need an impression of your child's teeth to prescribe this option, making it one of the easiest and most adaptable treatments.

Each of these systems can be used on children between 3-15 old. Then, as your child ages and their mouth grows, we'll fit them with new appliances to meet their changing needs. Eventually, your child can stop using these devices. Expansion helps many children avoid braces or other orthodontic care options.

Get Help for Your Child's Palate

Is your child's palate too small? Do they need orthodontics in Franklin, TN, to keep their smile healthy? At Paige Prather Smiles, Dr. Prather has years of experience working with young children, so call us at 615-771-2151 to set up an appointment.

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